This pair's blind date on Zoom will make you smile

He was sitting in a dimly lit room that looked a bit like a scene in Homeland. Gallery: 23 Dating Mistakes Literally Everyone Makes (Best Life) What did you talk about? Just the usual stuff: my cocktails, his homemade pie, life in a severe pandemic lockdown in Hong Kong. Any awkward moments? When I insistently asked to see the pie he had made, of which there was only one slice left, and it came out of a small Tupperware box. Good table manners? His Greek takeaway never arrived, but generally he was very polite. I also wonder whether spending the money the Guardian gave me for a takeaway on cocktails was the best idea. Would you meet again in person? Obviously, Jayson lives in Asia, which isn’t the easiest place to get to. He had framed his screen so he had a cool film poster and a picture of London behind him, so I knew he had an aesthetic. What did you talk about? Where we would’ve been if it weren’t for the virus; Sonny and Cher; how weird the date was since we weren’t doing it in person. Good table manners? He poured his drinks with finesse. How long did you stay on the call? Time passed pretty quickly. Best thing about Harry? He seemed to care about obscure details of my life. Any connection issues? A lag hindered conversation at times. Would you meet again in person? We’d still have to contend with the distance, but if our paths should cross at some point, why not?