Tourist hotspots busy despite coronavirus warnings

The Derbyshire Dales had issued a warning to tourists to not visit but said that hotspots in the area were busy, despite most facilities including toilets remaining closed. On Saturday evening, the council tweeted: We appealed to visitors to stay away but our usual hotspots are busy. Good weather drew many people to their favourite beauty spots after the UK government allowed unlimited travel for outdoor exercise or sunbathing. The park authority said the Langsett area at its north-eastern edge was “extremely busy” on Saturday morning, making physical distancing difficult. Gallery: How countries are edging out of COVID-19 lockdown (Photo Services)  Even as the world continues to battle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, several countries, where the daily growth of new infections has reduced, are beginning to take tentative steps to ease lockdown measures in order to allow citizens to move freely for the first time in weeks and to revive the economy. The country has started partially lifting the lockdown and the steps will be evaluated to see if containment measures are working. Couples, dog walkers, cyclists, joggers and young families were pictured enjoying the fresh air in the park as police officers in a marked car patrolled the area. Police forces across Wales have continued to patrol beaches, coastal areas, and other public spaces, with the weather forecast to be sunny, and have also been conducting checks on motorists. Vehicle turned around accordingly, both occupants reported.” South Wales police arrested a motorist who was allegedly caught speeding at 140mph on the M4 at Bridgend and then provided a positive test for cannabis. In some parts of England, tourism chiefs cautiously opened their doors to visitors at some other national parks and beaches, but warned that people may be turned away if hotspots become too busy.