Trolls World Tour showdown is a battle for the future of entertainment

It’s not often that reading business news makes me laugh, but it has been somewhat amusing to watch a huge argument break out in the film industry over the seemingly innocuous children’s movie Trolls World Tour.  Video: Trolls World Tour | First 5 Minutes (Engadget ) The cinema operators say this is a breach of the long-held agreement between their industry and the studios and have now taken the drastic step of saying they won’t show any Universal films. At first glance, this story seems to be all about giant corporations and the ancient ways of doing business in Hollywood, but it also has a bearing on our own personal lives. This is the kind of premiumisation we can expect to see more of as cinemas bid to get our bums back on their (now exceedingly plush) seats. There is also the concept that business analysts call “pent-up demand” – the build-up of every passing hankering you’ve had in the past few weeks to visit the cinema, see a play, or sit in the pub with a pint in your hand.