Type 1 Diabetes: Agency warns parents “not to ignore the signs"

We therefore want to raise awareness among parents of the four most common symptoms of type 1 diabetes to make sure all children who develop the condition are diagnosed early and without delay. This remains important during the coronavirus pandemic - ifsymptoms develop, seek urgent support and get your child’s blood sugar checked that day.” The PHA says symptoms in children and young people can develop over a few days or weeks and parents and carers should look out for the ‘4Ts’: With type 1 diabetes, early diagnosis is important in children, “otherwise their condition can deteriorate rapidly with serious consequences such as diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)”, the PHA warns. Dr Farrell added: “It’s understandable with the COVID-19 pandemic that people do not want to put extra pressure on the health service or afraid that their child may come into contact with COVID-19 in a healthcare setting. Parents, carers and anyone who works with children and young people, should know the 4Ts and if symptoms arerecognised, CALL your GP or pharmacist and arrange to get your child’s blood sugar checked.