UFC can learn from mistakes boxing made while Spanish flu

At the end of the first world war, the USS Siboney made 17 transatlantic voyages carrying troops to and from Europe. Promoters in Philadelphia, Boston, and New Jersey, in compliance with requests issued by their different Health Departments, have agreed to close up shop. How long the sport will be idle remains to be seen, but it is positive that no matches of any importance will be undertaken whilethe epidemic continues.” Boxing clubs across the country closed as they prepared to deal with the virus ravaging their cities. Dempsey would go on to fight 11 more times during the pandemic, including his lineal heavyweight title win against Jess Willard in July 1919. Other notable boxers such as Gene Tunney, Harry Greb, San Langford, and Benny Leonard fought dozens of times during thepandemic. Gallery: How the world bounced back from the last pandemic (lovemoney) Several other renowned boxers contracted the virus but managed to recover.