Want to lose weight at home during lockdown? There's one thing you MUST do

What you do need is a mindful plan that encompasses food, activity levels, and good sleep. Plus, there's one thing you're probably doing more of than ever which will addto weight gain without you even knowing it (hint: it's our final tip). You won't have to do this forever, as eventually you'll have a pretty good idea of how calorific different foods are. Yes – adequate hydration boosts metabolism and kickstarts your body's waste elimination processes, as well as combating water retention, which contributes to excess weight. It's not just the fact that alcohol contains extra calories that makes it incompatible with a weight loss programme – nope. Add that up to a whole evening's worth of drinking (and hey, we're guilty of it at the moment, too), and you're looking at a whole load of extra calories that'll be piling onthepounds.