What is happening with divorces in lockdown?

If you were to look from afar, you’d think we were all fighting like cats and dogs, forming socially distant queues at the registry office like it’s the first week of lockdown and no one has any toilet paper. ‘78 per cent of people feel their relationships might crack under the strain of isolation’ reported We-Vibe when they researched couples' fears in quarantine. ‘It is too early for us to know the statistics as they are reported annually for the previous year, so the figures will be revealed at the end of 2021,’ says Sarah Jane Lenihan, partner at Stowe Family Law. There have been those who wish to put the matters on hold during this period, whether this has been due to illhealth of a husband or wife, child or family member, for financial reasons or just feeling less antagonistic in the current climate. ‘Even those who are happily married have found their relationships under strain whether this is due to finances, employment or health.Not having the opportunity to spend time away from their spouse with friends or family has been extremely difficult and had led to arguments occurring which would not arise or easilyberesolved in a more normal world.’ So, what to do if you do want that escape? Some may attempt to take advantage of this to reach a settlement whilst values are low and therefore wish to rush matters through but it is my current experience that the Courts and experts in these cases are treading very carefully.The reason for this will be to avoid any chance that these matters maybe returned to Court in the future and therefore to ensure that once an agreement/decision is made, it is final. While everyone’s situation is so very different, it is difficult to provide a blanket response to this, however I advise taking things slowly and thinking carefully about your actions and the potential consequences.