What to consider if you're thinking of changing careers because of the COVID-19 crisis

But those considering a career change are also being driven by other factors too, including a desire to learn new skills or challenge themselves, gain a better work-life balance, or have increased job security. As such, this has now shifted to being a top priority for professionals and many are looking for jobs which afford them this greater flexibility on a permanent basis.” Changing careers is never an easy process, but it can be even harder to dive into a new venture at a time when nothing is certain. Not all businesses are in a position to hire currently — and it may take a long time for some industries to recover from the economic downturn triggered by COVID-19. “Industries including social care, logistics, IT, retail and engineering have seen a surge in demand for staff as a result of COVID-19,” Jon Wilson, CEO of Totaljobs, said in a statement. “The need to adapt to the current situation means many businesses have had to speed up their recruitment process and quickly train new staff up so they can begin work. By tapping into new talent pools from industries full of workers with transferable skills, businesses are more likely to see new staff hit the ground running.” Times might be hard now, but it’s not all bad news.