Who could replace Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari?

The parallels between Vettel’s departure from Red Bull for Ferrari following 2014 was hastened as a young usurper by the name of Daniel Ricciardo displaced the four-time Formula 1 world champion as the team’s top performer. Coming on the heels of a breakout 2019 season where new, young teammate Charles Leclerc left Vettel looking ordinary on too many occasions, Ferrari finds itself in search of a quality driver to complement its new star. In Vettel, and his predecessor, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari had two mercurial drivers with a shared penchant for brooding and turbulent reactions in times of struggle. Despite coming close to winning world championships with both men, taleswere rife of shortcomings being revealed as each demonstrated the behavior of disappointed employees when iron-willed resolve was most needed. The names to pursue are well known as six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, his teammate Valtteri Bottas, Ricciardo, and young journeyman Carlos Sainz Jr. from McLaren could be landed. Imagine adding a second character in that mold with the smiley Australian, whose warm and determined ways would give the Scuderia two drivers cut from relatively relaxed cloths. Complementing the Frenchman with a ray of race-winning sunshine in Ricciardo, and leaving the Dark Knight routine behind when Vettel clears his belongings from Maranello, justmight be the mechanism to remove Ferrari from Mercedes’ shadow.