Why Netflix's White Lines is the most chaotic show since Tiger King

When one of the breakout stars of a new TV show is a poodle called Pancho who gets into a cocaine stash in a blow-up banana boat, you know you’re in for a wild ride. Marcus (Daniel Mays) has become a superstar(ish) DJ and part-time dealer, Anna (Angela Griffin) hosts upmarket sex parties for the island’s elite and David (irritatingly played by anti-woke women crusader Laurence Fox) is some sort of spiritual guru who’s travelled the world,appropriating wellness treatments and beliefs from indigenous communities to sell on to very rich people who like taking a lot of cocaine. There’s Daniel Mays’ humorous and hopeless attempts to parentteenage girls and there are plenty of sardonic jibes at Ibiza’s downfall from hippy haven to corporate playground for the rich. There is perhaps a little too much waxing lyrical from some characters about the power of dance music and being ‘free’ which, at times, sends it into (Zac Efron DJing film) We Are Your Friends territory. Packed into a tighter time – six episodes, say, ratherthan 10 – the show may have felt snappier and less like it drags which, towards the end, it totally does.