Why Wirral could be bit harder by coronavirus

This study looked at the most recently available data prior to publication, which showed at the time there were 292 confirmed cases of coronavirus for every 100,000 people in Wirral, as of April 28. She said: “The selection of indicators is important, as alternative indicators such as prevalence of heart disease or profiling our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities would give us a very different ranking for example, and those factors appear to be just as important to Covid-19, and it could be argued, are more specific to Covid-19 than Healthy Life Expectancyfigures.” Ms Webster added that the report drew attention to long-term issues of deprivation in the borough, rather than the performance of the local healthcare system itself. She said: “This report does not reflect the work we have done in response to Covid-19, but rather the systemic, existing issues already facing the borough acknowledging that areas with poorest health outcomes will be affected worst by the virus.” Ms Webster insisted the answer to Wirral’s problems lay in support to deal with its social and economic challenges. She added: “This report echoes therefore the established evidence that the health, and other outcomes we see within the borough are intrinsically linked to the economic and demographic makeup of Wirral and the variation within it.