You'll need an EU pet passport to travel with your dog to Britain

Dogs and cats will need an EU pet passport to travel into Northern Ireland from England, Scotland or Wales from next year, it has been confirmed. The move, part of the government Withdrawal Agreement Boris Johnson negotiated with Brussels, means an internal ‘pet border’ will be created within the United Kingdom from January 1 2021. It depends if whether the UK government asks to be listed and take part in the EU pet travel scheme or not. My advice is to speak to your vet about this too.” The issue will also apply to Northern Ireland travellers coming back home from mainland UK with their pets. The move could create a lot of anxiety within Northern Ireland’s holiday industry which has been supporting the growing pet friendly movement. And with hundreds of dog shows held across Britain and Northern Ireland every year, the knock on effect could be felt far and wide. The British Veterinary Association warned in 2018 that if the UK left the EU with no deal, it would become an unlisted third country where pet travel is concerned. Daniella Dos Santos, junior vice president of BVA, said: “If the UK leaves with an unlisted third country status, pet owners will  need to take additional steps and start preparations at least four months ahead of their planned departure date.” She added that is “highly likely” owners will face long waits and additional costs before getting the green light for their pet to leave the UK for Europe or Northern Ireland.