Your ultimate guide to parenting in lockdown

Spending all your time in a confined space can be challenging especially with bored kids who are relying on you for everything. Sit with them, be with them, breathe with them and then just say, for God’s sake please calm down the kids are going to hear you, you’re driving me mental! One of the best techniques I’ve found is just hide in the toilet and look at your phone till they’ve stopped making that noise. Helen - Keeping kids motivated to do school homework is really tough at the moment. The main thing is bribery - if you do your homework you get screen time or you get six ice lollies or you get to eat all the Haribo until you’re sick. Ellie - My husband is doing most of the homeschooling and he has brought in a rewards system where if the kids do really well at school or put in a lot of effort, they get a gold star. Restrict screen time between 8-10 hours a day and find the real balance. Ellie - I’ve found in our house that rules work if they’re set and everyone understands what they are. Also, if you want to keep them active then hide the remote in different places in the house and get them to run around. One good tip to keep them moving is to hide sweets around the house.