Aldi adds to its garden lighting range today – don't miss these 10 buys

Aldi has had a lightbulb moment recently, clocking onto the fact that the UK is in dire need of some budget buys to spruce up its gardens. With no single buy surpassing £14.99 (and that's the most expensive by a mile), Aldi's lighting will be gone from the shelves very shortly, we predict. So, make sure you head down there ASAP – or shop our other favourite retailers' best buys, too.  OMG, we're in love with this adorable magnolia tree that lights up in a warm white with 100 LEDs. It's 1.2m high, making it a bit of a centrepiece, but we love the idea of buying a few and dotting themaround the corners of our garden. We're obsessed with the suave aesthetic of these slimline solar marker lights, coming in a pack of 10 and super easy to set up. The warm light makes them perfect for a night spent chatting under blankets in the garden, post BBQ or evening soiree. They're water resistant, craaazily cheap and are solar powered, so you can charge them during the day andenjoy their decorative light at night! The matte black finish and the intricate design gives this flame effect torch a certain touch of elegance and modernity. This fun, brightly coloured lighting will give off a pink hue, adding to the ambiance of a garden party or BBQ. The definition of funky, we love festoon lights for their balloon like bulbs and ability to add a fun atmosphere to an outdoor space.