Audi R8 V10 LMX (2014) review

The venue was Millbrook in Bedfordshire, a motor industry test-track with an ‘Alpine route’ that replicates an incredible mountain road. The marshals at Millbrook were less impressed: I was shown a yellow flag and ordered to slow down or go home. With high-beam activated, pure white light illuminates the road for 600 metres: around twice the range of LED headlights. A camera also detects traffic and dips the lights automatically to avoid laser surgery for oncoming eyeballs. It also boasted a carbon fibre front splitter and fixed rear wing, that extra 20hp (a token gesture in a car this potent) and came fully loaded with every option available. My drive in the R8 took place on a scorching summer afternoon, so I can offer zero feedback on the laser headlights. The LMX feels its age inside, with a dot-matrix display between the dials and hopelessly dated sat nav. Switching to Sport mode, I feel the dampers stiffen, the dual-clutch gearbox kicks down and the exhaust baffles open, filling the cabin with glorious V10 thunder.