Black doctor asks people to respect him in his hoodie as well as his scrubs

In the clip, which is set to Childish Gambino’s This is America, Dr Okorocha smiles as he poses in his scrubs, before changing into a black hoodie. “That’s the message and thanks for everybody who’s been supporting and sharing and speaking in a time like this.” According to the doctor, he first came up with the idea for the TikTok after seeing a similar one featuring a black lawyer, who asked that people also celebrate him when he is not wearing a suit. “Everyone seems to love me in my scrubs and everyone is clapping for the NHS, but if I wear a hoodie, as a 6ft6 black man in an affluent neighbourhood -they'll be scared.” In response to the video, which has since been recreated by other doctors, many have applauded Dr Okorocha for the message.