'Black hands don’t sell jewellery': Nadiya Hussain shares racist modelling job experience

Nadiya Hussain has shared a powerful post to Instagram recalling an incident when she was turned down for a modelling job when she was younger because of her skin colour. The GBBO winner, and chef posted two photos of herself on Instagram yesterday. I had hands, I needed the money, so figured it was a no brainer!” But on arrival she realised it might not be the sure thing she expected it to be. While Nadiya figured it was her turn to show her hands, she realised she was mistaken as the woman started speaking. Nadiya said “the blood rushed” to her face: “I was so embarrassed, I was now a deep shade of burgundy. I never really thought about my hands, till the colour of the skin that covered them stopped me from getting a job. I use my hands with pride and allow them to grace cookbooks and cookery shows, to hold my children's hands and stroke their little faces, to cook, to feed... to hold!” She said one job in particular helped her redefine that experience. We need to start representing with our voices, with our eyes, with our thoughts, with our hearts and with our hands!