Boris Johnson 'Sticking' To Reopening Of Pubs And Restaurants From July 4

“So, of course, as we make that progress it will be possible to open up more and you will be hearing more about what we want to do with not just non-essential retail but with the hospitality sector from July 4 and we’re sticking absolutely like glue to the road map to the plan that I set out on May 10. You’ll certainly be hearing more this week.” He added: “But it’s very important we don’t lose our vice-like grip on the disease; we’ve got to keep it on the floor where we’ve got it.” He said screens and masks are measures that would mitigate the risk of spreading coronavirus if the two-metre rule is changed. Professor Peter Piot, the director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, told the BBC this morning he would be happy for the two-metre rule to be cut.