Butternut squash soup: give this simple soup a go

Knowing how to make butternut squash soup means you'll always have a healthy but hearty soup recipe up your sleeve, transforming your weekday lunch routine and making for a handy standby for weekends, too.  Butternut soup is easy to make and store in batches, and safe to reheat in a microwave the next day (in fact, we've reheated ours up to three times without any issues).  There are lots of ways to make butternut squash soup – you can use a simple pot, a slow cooker, a food processor or blender. The following recipes all use a simple kitchen pot, but all of them can be made using a slow cooker, too. This delicious, silky soup is packed with nutrients and has the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavours, thanks to the addition of soured cream. Add the whole garlic cloves for the first 10 minutes of frying, then discard. This works best when the soup is warm but not too hot, as the soured cream will separate at a too-high temperature.  5. Garnish with coriander if you like.  Top tip: This soup is already quite sweet, but if you can add a pinch of cinnamon to it... we love to add a little chopped chilli to the frying pan in step one to give the soup a little bit of kick, too.