Couple gutted after wedding cancelled twice surprised on should-be big day

A young couple who have been forced to reschedule their wedding twice were given a heartwarming surprise from their loved ones on what should have been their big day. Lisa MacDonald and John Ross were supposed to tie the knot on Sunday at the Lynnhurst Hotel in Johnstone surrounded by all their family and friends. Lisa, 26, and John, 23, thought they would be spending what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives feeling miserable. “ It almost feels like we got our day.” Lisa’s dad Alan and big sister Sarah, 33, pulled together the spectacular surprise, and John’s parents and the bridesmaids all came along to show their support. Neighbours in the Linwood street also came out to cheer on the young couple, and cars driving past beeped their horns as they spotted the extravagant decorations on the house. The loved-up couple live at home with Alan, who instructed the pair to stay in their room on Sunday morning until their surprise was ready. “I kept hearing car horns beeping and I was desperate to look out the window, but I had been told to keep the blinds shut.” Dad Alan said he was left touched by the response of so many people in the street who helped make it a special day.