Designer Christopher Raeburn On Sustainable Style And Having David Attenborough On The Frow

It’s been a unique situation to test, experiment and react – taking those learnings to work towards a better future. ⁠Not only have we dug deeper into our material archives, we’ve actually truly brought Craft, Creativityand Community to the fore. Lockdown has pushed us to optimise and adopt new digital tools and processes, accelerating our move to a more efficient way of working. The ambition of the project is to raise £1 million with 100 per cent of profits going to charity – it’s collaborative design as a force for good. I truly hope so – the last months have evidenced to us all that what we do as an industry doesn’t make sense; a race to the bottom where overproduction and consumption are symbiotic. My teenage years collecting military items translated into a degree in fashion design. We need to find new methods and evolve the traditional model, and indeed RÆBURN stopped taking part in catwalks last year. A post shared by RÆBURN (@raeburn_design) on Jun 11, 2020 at 6:02am PDT The French MVP Parka, due to its purity in design, attention to detail, and quality – the thought that’s gone into the piece is second to none. We already have the tools to intertwine the digital and physical worlds, meaning shows should be both globally available and locallyaccessible. His advocacy for environmental issues has only been amplified in recent years, and for him to see the work that we’re doing through RÆBURN would be a real honour.