Even if we ditch the two metre distancing rule, I'm worried I'll never make another friend

It’s much easier to ignore the bigger, unknowable picture and to instead argue about whether we should keep two metres apart, or one, or one and a half. As a teenager I vividly remember watching the show on Saturday nights, the cheesy Carry On-style questions, and the sparkly partition that is drawn back at the end, a hopeful contestant waiting to react with surprise, disappointment or horror to the person they’ve chosen. I can’t imagine it with gloves and masks,and the contestants’ excitement dampened with hand sanitiser. The problem is we do this through spending time with people and letting them show us who we are, not by doing Yoga with Adrienne and writing in our diaries with the curtains drawn. Our local shop owners have ended up showing more competence and caution than our political leaders. Half of Covid-related deaths in the UK are reportedly in care homes, not helped by the fact we shipped in ill patients from hospitals. It was callous, unthinkable recklessness from leaders who, in that instance, didn’t seem to give much of a toss about health and safety.