Gemma Collins reveals her desires to have a baby in her forties, talks losing weight to try to get pregnant

The reality TV star has been trying to prepare her body in order to conceive and has lost nearly three stone on the advice of doctors. Gemma believes if she could become pregnant, she could send a positive message to women who start a family later in their lives. We’re just beginning.” When it comes to conceiving a child, Gemma, who refers to herself as The GC, has had regular consultations with her doctor about her prospects, having suffered a number of miscarriages in her thirties. And though she’s been told it is possible for her to become pregnant doctors have advised losing weight could help her achieve her parenting dream. He told me to lose a few stone and it will help me.” And the lockdown period has provided Gemma with an opportunity to take stock of where she was in life and make some positive changes for the future. She said, ‘I hate to break this to you, but you’re putting on weight’.” Symptoms can include irregular periods, weight gain and excess hair growth. If fertility medications are not effective, a simple surgical procedure called laparoscopic ovarian drilling (LOD) may be recommended. “For women who do get pregnant, being a healthy weight helps to reduce the risk of complications throughout the pregnancy, including gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia,” Mr Bhattacharjee adds.