Grandaddy cool: why young men are dressing old school

Forget the flat cap of Clive Dunn’s portrayal of Grandad in the hit 1970s song or the brown zip-up cardigan of Karl Johnson’s Reg in the TV comedy series Mum. The grandpa look extends to all the usual items you might associate with the older man: jeans, collar shirts and cardigans, tank tops and loafers. During the menswear shows early in the year, the streets resembled a ballroom dance class for the over 65s: they were full of chic male fashionistas wearing more mules than trainers, more houndstooth coats than Puffas and double breasted blazers instead of parkas. The “set” was a community garden project (read: “cool allotment”), the collection featured a suit which looked like a pair of pyjamas, there were neckerchiefs, crocheted jackets, scarves with marbles attached, gardening gloves and lots of animal-associated items (a bag shaped like a fish, sheep patterns, cow print). Lovers Rock, a collection from Grace Wales Bonner, featured flat caps, roll necks and fleece jackets that were influenced by the older generation. When he was in India he often had bespoke suits made The show from Ahluwalia was a powerful patchwork of the patterns and designs that took inspiration from the older generation. When he was in India he often had bespoke suitsmade and fortunately for me I have been given them for my archive.” She believes that this move to grandad style reflects a return to an interest in tailoring. “I can’t speak for everyone but I am really interested in my family history and I am quite sentimental about things, it means I look to the past a lot.