Grenfell survivors and supporters unite online to mark fire anniversary

Sunday marks three years since the fire which broke out in the early hours of June 14 2017, and killed 72 people. Singer Adele, who visited Grenfell shortly after the fire, said in a video message: “I wanted to send my love to all of you today and let you know that I’m thinking of you as I always do. In a video message, Margaret Aspinall said: “I know at the moment it’s a hard struggle for you all as it has been for the Hillsborough families over 30-odd years. “Please never give up, you will fight for what you believe in and you will eventually achieve the outcome that you rightfully deserve.” On Sunday, churches across London will ring their bells 72 times to mark those who died in the disaster, including St Paul’s Cathedral and St Clement, Notting Dale, the parish in which Grenfell Tower stands. From 10.30pm, people in homes across the UK are asked to shine a bright green light to show solidarity with the bereaved and survivors.