How to light a BBQ: tips, tricks and hacks for safe summer grills

If you are planning a summer of al fresco grilled dinners, you need to know how to light a BBQ. There's some skill to barbecuing on charcoal, but the most important ways to ensure the results are perfect are:  Is you are struggling to light the coals then don't reach for the lighter fluid. Use tortilla chips: a few of these will work like magical little fire lighters thanks to their fat and corn content. Make spills out of slithers of newspaper and dip the end in some rubbing alcohol. Resort to whisky: yep, if you have no rubbing alcohol, high proof drinks will work. A cheap Scotch of vodka will do the trick – don't waste your best bottle.  Connect up the propane, turn the knob, press the ignition... and you're just about ready to cook, give or take 15+ minutes to allow the grill to really heat up. See more on smoker grills below and lighting tips above.  Smoker grills are ideal for cooking food at lower temperatures, meaning you get gentler, slower cooking over a longer time, and incredibly crispy on the outside, tender on the inside meat. The other advantages of smoker grills?  Smoker grills tend to have a long, horizontal chamber next to the heat source rather than above it, which makes topping up the fuel and adjusting the heat easier. The firebox attached to the side of a smoker grill sends smoke into the cooking chamber.