I want to buy life insurance but have had coronavirus, will I still get a good deal?

Angelique Ruzicka from This is Money replies: Over the past couple of months insurance companies have clamped down and amended certain terms and conditions in light of coronavirus (Covid-19) on cover such as business interruption, travel and car insurance. Load Error For instance, many travel insurers have stopped selling travel policies or no longer offer policies which cover coronavirus cancellation. Things get a little trickier though, if you don’t have any cover at present.   Ben Burgess, senior adviser at LifeSearch points out: In short, it depends what the ongoing symptoms are. When you apply for cover, insurers will ask if you have had the virus as part of their standard underwriting process. For most people who have had it, they should be symptom-free within a month or so and applying for cover at this point should be the same as normal, with no exclusions or changes in the premium. Possibly, yes – it depends on the individual circumstances, but it is possible that respiratory illnesses could be excluded, for example.  Insurers in this field can apply any exclusions as they see fit based on the medical evidence, which could apply for the term of the policy. But if you are switching, it is always good advice to keep the old policy in place, just in case anything comes up in the underwriting process with the new one, and then cancel it once the new one has started.