Lifeline additional needs playgroup in East Kilbride at risk of being cancelled for first time in 30 years

But, with South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) not ‘letting out’ public buildings because of the coronavirus pandemic, the “essential service” is in desperate need of somewhere to hold classes this summer. She added: “We are all prepared to run with everything set out for social distancing, extended cleaning practises, PPE for staff, staffing and financing. “It would also be important to have a disabled toilet.” Difficult at the best of times, Sheila says lockdown will have taken its toll on a number of families across the town, especially for those with children who have additional needs. Without a sense of stability, autistic children in particular will have found it hard to cope as lockdown has taken away their routine – and if the summer playscheme can’t go ahead, it would be a “real blow” for service users. Sheila told us: “Some of our children and families will have had very little or no help, support or contact throughout lockdown and life will have been extremely difficult. I have learned SLC will not be providing hub facilities for ASN children through the summer and now with the possibility of no SNAP it’d be near impossible for myself to carry on with my work. “With all our children’s regular club/activities no longer running its hard enough for them to understand never mind the added pressures to parents.” A council spokesman said: “The unprecedented nature of the global pandemic means that several arrangements that would normally be in place may not be available.