Lockdown love stories: from surprise engagements to breakups

The housemate who moved in with her Hinge date when quarantine was announced; the friends breaking up after 12 weeks of fighting; the colleague who’s been living with his partner’s parents for longer than he bargained for. We started talking on the Badoo app in March and have spoken every day through lockdown. After speaking for three months, seeing each other in the flesh wasdefinitelysomething we needed, and an important next step in our relationship. Ambulatory emergency nurse and acute medical registrar, Tulse Hill. Rather than postpone, we wanted to have the ceremony while everyone was still healthy, even if it meant our loved ones having to watch us on a screen. The chaplaincy team at St Thomas’ hospital worked hard to getpermission for us to be married, which we appreciated greatly at a time when so much was going on. A date was set within two weeks, and we hadn’t bought a dress or rings, so it was arush.It was nice being just us, it felt very intimate. One of our two witnesses livestreamed the service so our friends and family could watch, then we hosted a virtualdrinksreception,including a first dance and speeches. We stayed living together while he decorated the room at his mum’s house, but when lockdown hit, it wasn’t finished. I suggested that he stay living here as his mum is in the at-risk category and he was still having to use public transport to go to work. I’m constantly being asked when we’re going to start living separately, but the world is almost on pause at the moment, so who cares ifwearetoo? Recruitment consultant, Tooting Status: Single When your relationship is in lockdown, it becomes very apparent when there are issues. There are so many other pressures at the moment that I didn’t need a toxic relationship on top.Thebiggestchallengewas the start, because I couldn’t meet friends, but it made it easier knowing I wasn’t going to bump into him and no one’s going out and having fun.