Man writes negative review of restaurant after being served by someone wearing an anti-racism t-shirt

A man has vowed to never use a restaurant in Fairbanks, Alaska ever again after he was served by a member of staff who was wearing an anti-racist t-shirt. According to a series of posts by the Twitter user known as @bryantinak who works at a place called 'Chowder House' a man named Jason Lassiter complained on the venue's Facebook page after seeing an anti-racist message in the restaurant. In a review on the Facebook page, Lassiter wrote: Really enjoyed your food and service but this is a business and as a customer I'd prefer not to have your employee's ideology's plastered on a t-shirt. @bryantinak added that he misunderstood what the restaurant had told him and that they weren't annoyed about him wearing the t-shirt and urged him to continue to do so if he wished. I will continue wearing my plethora of anti-racism/homophobia/colonization/etc shirts and we ended up getting a lot of positive reviews about how my bosses handled everything. Stay tuned for a group pic in a few weeks when they come in 😍😛 The original tweet has since gone viral with many baffled as to why he would complain about being told not to be racist. Interesting… It would seem that although Lassiter might have to think twice about complaining about things on Facebook in the future but at least @bryantintak can carry on wearing his t-shirt to work.