Marcus Rashford calls on government to feed hungry children over summer holidays in powerful open letter

Now he has called on the Government to act – releasing a heartfelt open letter asking ministers to find their “humanity,” while describing food poverty in England as a pandemic. Rashford has been open about his own need for free school meal vouchers growing up, as well as his family's use of foodbanks and soup kitchens. That decision has prompted a furious reaction from campaigners – and now Rashford has lent his voice to efforts to pressure the Government into a rethink. “My story to get here is all-too-familiar for families in England: my mum worked full-time, earning minimum wage to make sure we always had a good evening meal on the table. Food banks and soup kitchens were not alien to us; I recall very clearly our visits to Northern Moor to collect our Christmas dinners every year. It’s only now that I really understand the enormous sacrifice my mum made in sending me away to live in digs aged 11, adecision no mother would ever make lightly. “This is a system failure and without education, we’re encouraging this cycle of hardship to continue.” Rashford’s work during Covid-19 has helped provide three million meals through FareShare. His social conscience has earned him widespread praise and his latest effort is further evidence of his remarkable commitment to improve lives. The letter continues: “During this pandemic, people are existing on a knife’s edge: one missed bill is having a spiral effect, the anxiety and stress of knowing that poverty is the main driver of children ending up in care, a system that is designed to fail low- income families.