Rise in injunctions against HS2 protesters

HS2 protesters have been accused of practising early morning yoga, swimming naked in a lake and “howling at the moon” as a council seeks a high court injunction to stop direct action against the project. All could be pursued for their assets, including their homes, if they are subsequently found to have breached injunctions at the HS2 site in the Colne Valley. “This case is about the right to peacefully protest against what could be a huge environmental catastrophe as a result of large-scale piling operations on top of one of London’s most important drinking water reservoirs,” said Mehta. A nine-month injunction is in place to keep campaigners away from parts of ancient woodlands in the West Midlands, which anti-HS2 activists claim is to stop them witnessing what they allege is the illegal disturbance of nesting birds and badgers. This injunction has led to the eviction of protesters from land around the construction sites by bailiffs working for a private company employed by HS2. About 30 protesters are camped in woods and in treehouses beside fishing lakes and the Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre, a popular facility that will be forced to relocate because of HS2. He added: “On a number of occasions I have witnessed some of the protesters howling and chanting at the moon,” and he noted complaints about “bongo playing at all times of the day and night”.