Skincare secrets for new mums

However, raging hormones and sleep deprivation can mean that new mum glow doesn’t last too long once the baby arrives – with some of the differences proving to be rather alarming. Skin pigmentation Dark patches, also known as melasma or chloasma, usually start to fade once a woman’s hormone levels return to normal and the body stops producing so much melanin. Use a broad-spectrum block with SPF30 or higher daily, such as Obagi Sunshield Factor 50, even on cloudy days, and reapply often when outside,” she advises. Diet, lifestyle, and even genetics all play a part in how severe the problem is,” shared Dr. Munir Somji aka Dr. Medispa. Products such asthe iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, which contains peptides, will smooth and strengthen delicate skin, while antioxidants brighten darkness at the surface. “Hopefully, acneshould only last for a short time and disappear on its own, but if you do and it persists consider targeted skincare products such as the ZO Acne Control with 10 per cent benzoylperoxide -a topical antibiotic that is not absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream.