Small brand shout-out: Roop handbags

When it comes to super chic handbags, I’m always on the lookout for boutique brands creating unique and adorable arm candy that won’t break the bank. Made by hand at home by Natasha Fernandes Anjo using leftover and discarded fabrics, Roop’s delectable jewel-toned scrunchie-like satin delights are inspired by furoshiki, the traditional Japanese cloth wrapping technique. I caught up with Anjo to hear more about how she crafts her uber cute creations. It took me nearly two years of messing around on my sewing machine to make the first furoshiki bag, but there was no time to develop anything. I hurt my back and was off work for a month, I had nothing to do but sew and plan and be bored, so Roop was finally born! It's a challenge I enjoy and when I find large pieces or really incredible prints and colours it’s a massive high - I’m easily pleased! Brands like myself using surplus fabrics, stores like 50m in London championing innovative and sustainable designers changing the perspective on what sustainable design is, rental platforms making itacceptable to not outfit repeat, and generally just a change in people's opinions and the boom in support of small businesses.