The best scents for every room in your home

Avoid picking spicy or overly sweet scents that will clash with smells created by food and potentially put you off your meal. £14.99 If you have an open-plan kitchen that is shared with a living or dining room, a spray may be the best option to keep things smelling fresh without overwhelming the different spaces. £28.00 For ultimate relaxation, light a natural wax fragranced candle on a clear surface for 10 minutes as you get ready for bed. If you prefer a clean and fresh feel to your shared space, try scents featuring herbs like basil or sage, or fruits such as green apple, grapefruit or pomegranate. Deeper and richer notes such as amber, ginger, blackberry, almond and cardamom can add warmth and atmosphere to your living space. £4.70 Remember, if you have small children or pets, always keep candles and diffusers out of reach to avoid accidental burns and ingestion. £38.00 Create a spa-like experience using ginger, peppermint or eucalyptus to help you unwind, or try breezier scents which remind you of the seaside like sea salt, seaweed and driftwood. £40.00 £100.00 This contemporary geometric gold mirror will make a real statement on your living room wall – whether it's plain or patterned, the design will come through the shapes and is sure to capture everyone's attention. £149.00 £22.00 Ideal on a sideboard or shelving unit, pop all your stray bits and bobs in this stylish round tray for easy access. Made from solid brass with an adjustable arm, this decorative ornament is reminiscent of an old time explorer's magnifying glass, placed on their office desk for planning their next adventure. £19.99 £4.70 One for the coffee table, make a carefully curated pile of must-read books starting with this one – a celebration of art with more than 600 pieces of work, from cave paintings to iconic modern masterpieces. .50 This gorgeous pink pouffe, handmade from vegan acrylic yarn, is perfect for creating a cosy and warm living room. Then add this marble door stop to your basket immediately... £28.00 £45.00 £58.00 £15.55 Keep it simple on your windowsill with this pack of four square bottle vases. £119.00 Inspired by a bird’s-eye view of our planet and with loose fringes along each side, this 100 per cent cotton throw by ferm LIVING is a must-have for your sofa. .00 With a voluminous cone base and three holders for a standard candle, this ferm LIVING candelabra is made of powder coated metal with a smooth finish. £39.00 Refresh your living room with this charming wall art where frosted glass is brought to life by a stunning leaf print in a metallic golden hue. £33.45 Whether its succulents, ornaments or treasured trinkets, display a few of your favourite things on this circular wall shelf unit.