The Best Sun Cream

If you neglect to slap on sun cream when you’re out and about during the summer, even on home soil on a seemingly cloudy day, then you’re putting yourself at risk. As is often the case, it’s worth investing in a quality product that will do the job effectively, and give you much-needed peace of mind whether you’re at the beach, park or just lounging about in your back garden. If you don't know your SPFs from your UVAs and UVBs, we shed some light on what to look out for with our handy buying guide below and also list our favourite currently available sun creams. Affordable, easy to apply and suitable for all skin types, this dry spray from Ambre Solaire scores highly on all fronts. It dispenses as a fine mist, and you can spray at any angle so it’s great for protecting those tricky-to-reach body parts – not to mention hosing down hyperactive kids. This deodorant-style applicator from Aussie brand SunSense is simple to use with one hand, and the small 50ml bottle is handy to slip into your changing bag or carry-on suitcase. Enriched with vitamin E, aloe vera and honeycomb extract, it has antioxidant properties and leaves a matte finish, meaning it also works well as a makeupbase – and it's easy to control how much you're applying using the nifty pump dispenser. Incorporating a daily SPF moisturiser into your routine can save you minutes in the morning aswellas freeing up space in your toiletry bag, and it's a great way of protecting your face from the sun without even thinking about it. If you’re prone to acne, you might feel hesitant about adding an extra layer of product to your skincare mix – but this super lightweight formulation has been specially developed for oily and sensitive skin types. Oneof the standout ingredients is Air Licium, which forms a resistant layer on the skin's surface and has the capacity to absorb up to 100-times its weight in water as well as excess sebum. The British Association of Dermatologists suggests that an SPF of 30 and a star rating of four out of five is “generally considered as a good standard of sun protection” (as long as this is paired with protective clothing and periods spent in the shade). Chemical formulas tend to be thinner, so they're easy to apply on a daily basis – although you should wait at least 20 minutes for the product to soak in beforeheading out into the sun.