Thousands of people at risk of coronavirus haven't told government if they will self-isolate

In the first week of NHS Test and Trace, 26,985 people were called and asked to self-isolate. Baroness Harding, the Tory peer in charge of Test and Trace, also said “a small minority don’t want to self-isolate”. Referring to the 4,807 people who didn’t confirm whether they would self-isolate, Baroness Harding said: “Together we know there are further improvements we can make to the system. “Given that it is still early days this is really encouraging, it means that the vast majority of people are responding positively and willingly, sharing information and self-isolating when needed.” Health secretary Matt Hancock, asked if the system will be “enforced”, said “we are not ruling it out but we don’t think we need it at the moment”.