Volkswagen ID 3 2020 review

Digital instruments are housed within a small free-standing display in front of the driver and the infotainment functions are grouped within a standard 10.0in touchscreen above the central air vents. Although trim levels are yet to be confirmed, it is set to feature 19in alloy wheels, rear tinted windows, a rearview camera and ‘dynamic’ LED lights as standard. In Drive mode, the ID 3 coasts without any perceptible mechanical drag when you lift off the accelerator, rolling on for seemingly impossible distances on flat roads. The action of the brake pedal is quite consistent, with a firm feel that instils confidence asyouapply pressure. As a result, wind and tyre noise are more noticeable than in a combustion-engined equivalent, although both are well suppressed, providing the new VW with outstandingrefinement. This has a big influence on its dynamics, giving it a wieldy character while ensuring it remains entirely intuitive in morechallenging conditions in each of its driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual. With its battery housed wholly within the flat floor structure, the new VW has a much lower centre of gravity than conventional combustion-engined hatchbacks. With power going to the rear wheels and that instantaneous torque, there’s excellent traction and real punch out of tighter corners without any corruption to the steering, which remains free of drive forces. The variable-ratio steering rack is lightly weighted at low speeds to aid overallmanoeuvrability but heft builds nicely as the pace increases, giving it quite a meaty feel when you begin to push on. It was heavily damped and possessed firm rebound qualities but it felt nicely settled, with good absorption on the roads around VW’s headquarters in Germany, although itwas occasionally caught out by more severe transverse ruts and broken bitumen, which tended to penetrate its otherwise abiding sense of calmness. Its inherent versatility and promised range mean it should be well suited to most daily driving needs, provided you have easy access to electricity.