What is Elite TikTok and what has it got to do with Donald Trump?

Soundtracks are distorted and unsettling, and rather than coveting brands and material possessions, users are obsessed with frogs, beans and pretending to be the official TikTok accounts for Walmart. The thing about Alt Tiktok is that it’s all about being part of the in crowd (it is elite remember) so this whole Donald Trump rally saga began as just another inside joke. You may remember that they flooded the “White Lives Matter” hashtag with random posts to make it nearly impossible for white supremacists to use thehashtag to spread information. On one hand it’s a bit of a laugh, some teens found a very funny flaw in the Republican party’s plans for a controversial rally and managed to make some silly old right wingers believe that over a million people wanted to come to their event only to be embarrassed when barely anyone turned up. On the other hand, it’s a group of nameless and faceless internet trolls who have purposefully disrupted an election campaign event by the President of the United States.