Whisky is back in favour … and now women are calling the shots

Whisky, like cigar smoke and musty leather armchairs, has been linked with masculinity for decades. Women in the UK now drink 40 million more glasses of whisky a year than they did in 2010, a rise of 15%, compared with a decline of 6% among men, according to the market research firm Kantar. In Tokyo, you get whisky on draft and in highball form with your fried chicken.” “A lot of people now go to Heriot-Watt University to do distilling, and there have been more female applicants there,” she said. “The Irish whiskey industry has boomed all across Europe and that means there are a lot more opportunities.” Whisky has not always been seen as a male drink. “Brands like Cutty Sark and Jim Beam were paired with the rise of masculinity, the cowboy and the male executive.