You can say it was a ‘different time’ all you like – there is no excuse for Britain's barbaric slave trade

I am confident that if I could go back in time and inform most people about the now widely known details of the slave trade the majority would view it as inhuman, immoral and criminal. Our world now is in desperate need of unity – of shared humanity and the odious views of divisive, racist individuals from our past should be consigned to the dustbin of history not excused and celebrated in statues and monuments. John Dillon Birmingham Regardless of one’s political affiliations and in spite of those governmental policies with which one might not agree, I have always supposed that our surface differences were underpinned by common principles that unite us in society. When things are tough, instant recourse to one’s values ensures that decisions are grounded in what would best serve the common good and not just our pressing, personal needs. Mark Dyer Australia Am I alone in wondering, during this crisis of mortality, deprivation and inequality, why the loudest voices in the land are contending for the welfare of inanimate objects? Jade Bandit Address supplied I believe that the inclusion of black history in the national curriculum would go some way for all young people to have a more enlightened view of this country.