Dear Coleen: I've moved my new partner in and my grown-up kids are not happy

I’m a widow aged 69 and a few months ago a friend took me to a local social group for older people and I met a wonderful man who’s 70. Gallery: 15 Ways You're Ruining Your Relationship in Quarantine Without Realizing It (Best Life) When the Government advised us all to isolate, we decided that he should move in with me. Maybe I should have told them about how things were developing with my partner, but I suppose I didn’t know if it would last, plus they are always so busy with their own lives.Things have been quite icy between my children and me – any thoughts on how I can reassure them? I think the main problem with your kids is they didn’t realise the relationship was serious enough for you to move in together, so it might be a bolt out of the blue. I think that’s the point you need to get across to them – this is a relationship that’s been developing gradually and you didn’t want to share too many details with them because you weren’t sure where it was heading, and you certainly didn’t anticipate a lockdown situation! The current isolation has forced your hand and it’s provided a crash course in getting to know your partner, warts and all!