Evicted surgeon creates new website to help NHS staff find accommodation during the pandemic

And for a minute, it did shake my belief in the relationship between the NHS and the public.” While Mr Alsousou said to some degree the fear of catching the virus is understandable, doctors and nurses are trained to reduce that risk.  “I drove home nearly in tears, thinking, if this is happening to other people, it would be a disaster,” he told Kate.  The website, which is a charitable initiative, is run by Mr Alsousou, alongside a few other volunteers, and aims to match NHS staff with landlords offering cheap or free accommodation. This week Kate speaks to Julie Graham about writing and starring in the first YouTube drama to be filmed entirely in lockdown, Dun Breedin’, to raise money for the Trussell Trust foodbank network, to the founder of the Rooms4NHS website, Dr Joseph Alsousou, and to Dublin-based mural artist, Emma Blake.