Here's why your ex is more likely to contact you right now

We’ve entered week seven of lockdown and it’s fair to say it’s been a tricky transition adapting to the new ‘norm’ of social distancing and self-isolation. Although our online social life seems busier than ever – with Skype, Facetime and Zoom exploding (please god, no more quizzes) – this strange time is making many people reflect on their lives, in particular their relationships past and present. Psychotherapist Micheline Hogan says there's a simple reason why some people are inclined to reach out during lockdown. ‘This is a very strange time and it’s natural that people may want to look back to a period when life felt safer,’ she tells Red. ‘The anxiety around the coronavirus might make you crave comfort and remember an old relationship as being much better than it actually was.’ Whether you’re questioning your current relationship with the person you’re isolating with, worrying about unfinished business, panicking at this stressful situation or just totally bored, contacting an ex partner will likely have deeper repercussions you might not be prepared for as Micheline explains. However if you’re using it as an excuse to contact your ex it’s worth taking a beat and holding back, in case it leaves you feeling even worse than you already do. But if it was acrimonious, or you left a volatile relationship, their text might bring up feelings of inadequacy, resentment and grief, in which case hit delete and move on with your day. Gallery: These Breakup Songs Will Make Heartache Feel Like a Thing of the Past (Oprah Magazine) Micheline Hogan is offering psychological counselling free of charge for those experiencing symptoms of anxiety, loneliness, low mood, fear or panic attacks due to lockdown.