I Don't Need Matt Hancock To Apologise – I Want The Government To Support NHS Staff

Frontline workers, including myself, have had to watch families break into pieces as they deliver the very worst of news – that those they love the most have died. It does not get any easier, but it is anhonour, as a medic, to be able to offer comfort to relatives in their time of greatest need. We all want the government to succeed in tackling this virus and save as many lives as possible, but these are genuine concerns which cannot simply be deflected by ministers. Boris Johnson previously stated the aim of hitting 250,000 tests a day. Behind full PPE, with only my eyes visible, I cannot comfort a relative like I used to; I cannot offer ahug for moral support; I cannot stand within two metres. The only thing I want is the government to fulfil its duty of care to the NHS and healthcare staff and support them through this crisis.