'I had a miscarriage, and I was ashamed to talk about it'

Gallery: Celebrities who opened up about their miscarriages (StarsInsider) And yet - beyond my husband and my mum - I’ve told no-one. Partners are not permitted at the moment, even for these appointments fraught with fear and potential disappointment. On the other hand, I suspect that much of this experience - and this feeling of both wanting to share what I’ve been through, and worrying that it’s strangely improper to try - is probably true for miscarriage in any circumstances. I’ve never felt so aware, for instance, of a shame that emotionally I can’t shake even as I intellectually reject it as ridiculous. The problem of course is that this has also denied me the space to process the loss of that possible child out in the open… to know that people will understand if I’m quiet or melancholy. But why should it be considered normal to share news about bereavement and redundancies and mental health online, when miscarriage remains taboo?