Kendrick on respecting boundaries when dating

Anna Kendrick has emphasised the importance of setting boundaries when you are dating, recalling how she once broke up with someone because he did not respect her. Video: LOVE LIFE Official Trailer (2020) Anna Kendrick, Romance TV Series HD (The Daily Caller) During a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald’s Sunday Life supplement, Kendrick opened up about her own dating history and the lesson about boundaries she was taught at a young age. “Looking back now, it’s like, ‘Oh god, I acted like such a jerk in that relationship.’ Or all the times I didn’t feel strong enough to say, ‘You can’t speak to me that way.’ I’m just so happy that I’m clearer now about what I will accept from people in my life.” “When I was maybe 14 or 15, somebody gave me this specific example, that if you’re ever in a car with a guy, and he’s driving, and as as joke he lets go of the wheel and makes you grab it, that is not a guy you want to be with,” she said. “He might say, ‘Hey, I’m just joking, why are you being so sensitive?’ But really, he’s testing your boundaries and what you’re willing to put up with and trying to make you uncomfortable.” Kendrick recollected a relationship she had in her late teens, when her partner would frequently tickle her despite her requesting him not to.