Labour could be 'bankrupted' by lawsuits over a leaked anti-Semitism report

Labour faces multi-millionpound lawsuits over a leaked antisemitism report that could 'bankrupt' the party.  Sources close to whistleblowers and complainants whose identities were revealed by the leak say Labour could face a legal bill as high as £8million – effectively putting it out of business.  They say more than 30 individuals, including general secretary Jennie Formby, may sue the party over breach of privacy and for putting their safety at risk.  The dire warning came as Labour officials were hastily forced to delete addresses from party membership databases to protect some people now apparently receiving death threats after their identities were made public.  Labour was plunged into vicious infighting last week, overshadowing the arrival of new leader Sir Keir Starmer, after an 860-page internal report into its handling of antisemitism complaints under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership was leaked.  Corbyn loyalists angrily claimed the document laid bare how 'Blairites' at the party's HQ had actively worked against him and stopped Labour winning the 2017 General Election.  Moderates hit back by insisting the document, originally meant for submission to the ongoing equalities watchdog inquiry into anti-Jewish sentiment in the party, was leaked by 'die-hard Corbynites' in a desperate bid to distract from the 'disgraceful' mishandling of antisemitism complaints. In a sign of Labour's nerves, Ms Formby warned party members that anyone sharing the report 'on an unauthorised basis will be immediately exposing themselves to potential significant civil and criminal liability'.  Sir Keir has ordered an inquiry into the report, but Labour declined to comment further last night.