McGuinness opens up on how therapy changed his outlook on life

Paddy McGuinness has candidly opened up about his experience with therapy and how it has changed his life. As well as helping to confront his irrational fear, Paddy, who’s wife Christine recently joked she was seeing too much of his penis, revealed the experience changed his life. “I went in for one thing, but over the sessions all this other stuff that tied into that anxiety about flying came out, which he tapped into.” He explained: “Because I’m from a working class area, everyone I knew didn’t have a pot to p*** in, but they’d always make you laugh and they always saw the funny side of everything.“So before I’d seen this therapist, if you’d said: ‘You need therapy’, I’d have been like: ‘Please, I’ve got a nice house, I’ve got a nice life’, because that’s how you judge everything.