Nutritional Yeast: 5 Benefits to Know and Exactly How to Use It

To create the golden flakes, the yeast is cultivated on fortified molasses under carefully controlled conditions, according to Kuman. This can help your digestive system get things moving and, combined with the protein content, keep you feeling full for longer. ‘The fortified versions of nutritional yeast are a great way to incorporate the nutrients which are a struggle to obtain on plant-based diets,’ says Hope. These can protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and help to release toxins, according to Kuman. Try: A post shared by Jenna Hope (ANutr) (@jennahopenutrition) on Jan 15, 2020 at 11:41am PST Wondering about storage? Once you’ve popped open a pot, keep it in a cool, dark, dry place with the lid on tight and it should last nicely for a couple of years.